Ryan’s Twitter Updates for 2009-12-16

  • Good post – The Class Leader http://churchrelevance.com/the-class-leader-by-john-atkinson #
  • So much for being warm today… our space heater just flipped the circuit breaker… again. #
  • When running to a doctor appointment in the middle of your work day, the bus is a terrible mode of transportation. #
  • This might itch. Sit here and don't scratch for next 20 min… Uh, no "might" about it! http://twitpic.com/tnhza #
  • Doctor called my tree and grass alergies "impressive." makes me feel better about how much I complain during the spring and summer. #
  • Inbox 0 – Boom! #
  • My Latest Post: Calvin on the Bus http://bit.ly/57b1hP #
  • Why does my back keep itching? Oh yeah, someone stuck it with things I'm allergic to. #

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