Ryan’s Twitter Updates for 2009-12-31

  • RT @theappleblog: Logos Software Takes a Leap of Faith to the Mac http://j.mp/8wq23m #
  • Top 100 Kids' Online Search Words 4 2009 – http://bit.ly/4C5Ru4 // MUST READ 4 PASTORS // Me: Want to cry and/or hit someone. #
  • Brother said (agitated voice) "Can I call u back? I'm having a stressed out moment looking 4 a bottle of cheese." / Didn't see that coming #
  • @mbookspan did they release alpha 9? I just left the office. #
  • @mbookspan thanks for the link. Btw, after being on windows for over a year, I just got a 27" i7 at work this week. Seriously sweet! #
  • When I see a bad website, I click the link for the company that made it. Their site usually sucks 2. Then I wonder how they stay in business #

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