Ryan’s Twitter Updates for 2010-01-06

  • @josephlouthan Which job did you apply for? WA is a a far way from TX. Why looking 2 move? I just moved up from FL little over a year ago. #
  • @josephlouthan Cool! THought you might be a programmer. Anyway, good luck with the field rep spot. Cool opportunity. in reply to josephlouthan #
  • @josephlouthan Very cool. Good to know where you're called. #
  • @johndyer Link text is showing up over the images on mac/ff. in reply to johndyer #
  • What do U do when you feel like your creativity and inspiration are in the negatives? Could use a little bit of both this afternoon. Anyone? #
  • My son turns 5 today. He's a great boy and makes me a proud father. #

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