Ryan’s Twitter Updates for 2010-02-03

  • I got 40 of the exact same spam emails between 2:00 and 2:02 last night. Way to go spamassasian. Were you asleep too? #
  • "You don't see it in the English, but in Greek that's plural." Sharing an office with @philgons is cool. #
  • The 50 year old guy is reading the local paper on his mac pro. The 20 year old hipster next to him is reading paper version of the same. #
  • Reading Kindle for iPhone Terms of Use. They apparently disclaim any implied warranty of "quiet enjoyment." #
  • @jakebelder I can hear Dr. K saying, "Only the Lord truly knows." in reply to jakebelder #
  • I get so much more work done after 5 pm. I need to figure out how to move that up a couple hours. Maybe if everyone else went home at 3? #
  • Tebow's Super Bowl ad isn't intolerant; its critics are: http://bit.ly/bWZfp0 // Great article from pro choice woman. Via. @DJJenkins #

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