Ryan’s Twitter Updates for 2010-02-04

  • Someone please create a way to filter out all the annoying tweets containing certain words… like, say "Lost" #
  • @presbypaul The ref.ly has canceled out the lost tweet… but consider yourself warned ;o) in reply to presbypaul #
  • @jakebelder haven't tried it there yet. good question… will try and look into it. you could also try asking here: http://bit.ly/bYuKYs in reply to jakebelder #
  • I wish avenue bread was located next to Logos. That would make lunch so much easier and quicker. #
  • RT @sphil_hons: I find it odd to name a soup based on the way one of its ingredients is cut. #
  • Another PR and Marketing Webinar http://goo.gl/fb/hktn – It's All Marketing #
  • Dear @logos coffee machine, PLEASE come home soon. I need you. #
  • MLS schedule opens with Sounders FC home match against expansion Philadelphia Union http://bit.ly/dsgjNR #
  • Can't wait for mls to start back up. Seriously want to catch some sounders games live this year. #
  • Your credit card has been stolen. Would you like to open a checking… http://goo.gl/fb/0Frb – It's All Marketing #
  • Gospel tracts http://goo.gl/fb/DhOr – It's All Marketing #

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