Somewhat piggy-backing on my last post, here’s a quote from “Sacred Parenting” from the chapter on Sacrifice:

    …fathers who talk to their children don’t have twenty-eight hours as opposed to silent dads who have just twenty-four. It’s all about where we choose to spend our hours and what we will willingly sacrifice in order to free up some of those hours.

And here sums up the biggest thing my kids are teaching me thus far:

    “When I was about to become a father, my friend Burgess Meredith said, “Your’e gonna find something wonderful – someone you love more than yourself.” For self-centered people, it’s a great blessing.”
    Peter Boyle (actor)

One thought on “Sacrifice

  1. i love that quote about finding someone you love more than yourself. i was never one to really want children, not that i didn’t want kids, i just didn’t feel strongly about it. but at some point within the past couple years or so i realized that aspect of parenting and really desire to experience it now. having someone to care for and get my head out of it’s me-centered world. granted, God calls us all to do this, children or not, but as this quote says, what a blessing to have a relationship where that attitude comes more naturally, by God’s grace and orchestration of course.

    ps i went out of town this weekend and fully expected more posts when i returned. daily shmaily. jk ;-)