A theme that has been in the back of my head the past few weeks has been sacrifice. It can be a fairly uncomfortable topic, so I naturally try to ignore it… Never-the-less, it continues to surface. My friend Raymond had a great post on sacrifice today and so did Josh Harris.

As I watched the video on Josh’s post I was cut to the heart by several points:

  1. The question, “how comfortable should 50 be?”
  2. A pastor willing to give up his position in order for a more qualified pastor to take the lead… for the sake of the church
  3. The willingness to be “uncomfortable” for the sake of the gospel and Jesus’ church

While the video itself is more about the process of transition one church is going through, it has some amazing messages for those willing to listen. Also, Ray’s comments brought some challenges to my heart:

  1. How much do I consume in comparison to what I give?
  2. Why do I complain so much about lack of funds for the advancement of the gospel, yet give so little myself?
  3. Why are american christians so caught up in the american dream?
  4. Am I really willing to be uncomfortable for the sake of the gospel

Sheesh… these are hard questions. These are uncomfortable. Just as much as the next guy, I want a nice house, a nice car, nice clothes, a vacation… but at what price? Why do I have such an unbridled appetite for such temporal pleasures…

Sheesh… Anyone else deal with this?

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