Saturday is not for Self-Centered

For class I’m reading, “Renewal as a way of Life” by Richard Lovelace. It’s been great so far. Weird in that, i tend to read fast, however i tend to miss important information or find myself daydreaming & missing pages at a time. So I go back & re-read, usually to find I didn’t miss too much. However with this book, seems like everytime I go back & re-read I come across some great little sentence or paragraph & can’t believe I managed to skim over it the first time.

Here’s “what I learned today” (although we never watch Veggie Tales I always hear the “what we learned today” song in my head) during naptime reading (which is almost over)…I’ve been somewhat in discussion via email w/a friend on “loving your neighbor”:

…found this paragraph really interesting in light of trying to figure out what Jesus meant by “love your neighbor as yourself” (mostly i don’t think about for me, as i clearly LOVE me, lol….but i tend to wonder, “what about anorexic women & people on the verge of suicide”):

Jesus takes for granted a truth which modern psychologists have rediscovered: that in order to love others properly, we must first love ourselves. just as we have a powerful drive to love which cannot be satisfied until it finds God, we also have a deep hunger to be loved, to experience the affirmation of our gifts and value as persons. only when we have this affirmation can we love ourselves. our hearts are restless until they find their rest in God, but they are also ill at ease without a sense of our dignity as corulers of creation. only by seeing our mirrored reflection as we look at God do we have a proper self-love, and are then freed to truly love others.

haven’t completely understood/been able to comprehend 2 seconds after i stop reading…i’m still at the point where i think,”hey that said something cool…wish I could remember what it was” so i keep re-reading it. He also a few pages later said, (more focusing on the neighbor this time), regarding Luke 11:5-8 w/the person who needs food for a visitor waking up a friend & bugging them till they get a response: “This promise is usually applied to petitions for our own needs, but the context involves gaining resources for others.”

it’s amazing how the more i discover that life & even the bible (!?!..i know…) does not revolve around ME, the more satisfied (in general, in God, in me) i am…which really does free me up to focus on others more. just liberating.

(sorry Marybeth….& Ryan…that was a long one)

One thought on “Saturday is not for Self-Centered

  1. Ah, so true about the need to find affirmation of our persons by God. I recently had a conversation with a friend about the trouble with trying to find this affirmation of self from other humans… the trouble being that the person we seek affirmation from is also caught up in seeking his or her own affirmation and thus is hindered from affirming us well. God is the only one who is secure enough and faithful enough to provide the affirmation we need to then turn and offer our lives as a sacrifice for others. I hope that made sense.

    But what I’m looking forward to is the day when we will be able to love each other as we never knew to be possible in this fallen place–able to love God and one another with pure hearts. Amen.