Save the earth – Stop the junkmail

Jennifer and I are recyclers. We love to recycle. It is an amazingly easy way to be a good steward of God’s creation. If you live in the greater Richmond area, simply fill out this form and get in the game. It is that simple.

One thing I’ve noticed is that a large portion of our recycling is from junk mail. That is why I was very excited when I found out about greendimes. For about a dime a day they will stop 75% of junk mail from being delivered to your house and plant a tree in your name every month you’re a member. I think after my next paycheck we’ll sign up… unless someone wants to gift it to us… think “Early Christmas Present.”

3 thoughts on “Save the earth – Stop the junkmail

  1. haha, sooooo allison and I were soooo like, “we HAVE to recycle next year”

    apparently our chemistry classes really had an effect on us. I talked my friend who should pretty much be jen burns but she’s not a christian and her husband is vegan (she’s 21 just got married) and she was talking about how recycling isnt necessarily that great because its not even guarenteed that the glass would be recycled (they drink lots of beer)- and yeah they buy organic dishwashing detergent for like $20.00- its crazy.

    she told me how her parents grew her up ONLY on organic foods, and how when she went to vcu and started eating foods that had pesticidal it changed her immune system- crazy

    that was a freebee btw- or rather, a rant.

    I told her though, that Jen grinds her own grain and that our church has alot of people like her in it that are eco-friendly and conscious of the food they consume and she was very impressed- because, well apparently the church is not known for caring about either of those, so she was shocked!

  2. Hey- thanks for your post about GreenDimes! We really appreciate your taking the time to tell others about our services. Make sure you check in from time to time and see what new ideas and projects we are working on to help make the world a better place. Take good care and thanks again for your post.

  3. Gidday Ryan,

    We also have a service called and have been helping our members opt out of postal junk mail since 2001.

    I love your comment about recycling, one of our motos is, Why recycle junk mail when you can stop the junk mail! I hate the idea of all that waste.

    One piece of advice, if you do use an online service such as ours, make sure that you ask if they are requesting that your personal information not be shared, rented or sold when they process your stop orders. What generally happens is that most companies will suppress your name, not delete it, so if the cataloger sells their list your name is still on it!