A few months ago my husband came home with a new gift for “me”. It was certainly not something that fit into the budget, but nothing really is so on occasion the budget has to be ignored. It is a Scooba. Honestly, when Schoobie first came home (yes, he (yes, it’s a he)has a name), I was less than thrilled to have him here. Unhappy to have a sweeping/mopping robot in my house? Yes. The fact is, he created more work for me. Now instead only very occasionally sweeping the floors & absolutely never mopping, I had to deal with filling up & cleaning out this little robot everyday.

Really it’s Grace’s fault that schoobie & i didn’t get along at first. See, before she was born I had this great schedule down where I cleaned one or two rooms a day, including dusting, windows, mopping, the works. Then along came Grace & i’m lucky to get the laundry done & dinner on the table. Now that she’s a little older & I’m a little less “recovering from child-birth” I am capable of a bit more housework. However, mopping never really fit back into that picture…niether did sweeping. So suddenly I’m competing for my neat-freak husband’s affection with a robot. However, after discovering what it feels like to walk around barefoot without having to brush who knows what off my feet every 2 seconds, I’ve come around a bit. I mean, he even goes under the beds…heck, he goes under the DRESSER. He found a cute shoe in grace’s room that had been missing for months. We ran out of schoobie soap last week & i was a bit sad.

So, while i do still appreciate the occasional love note from my husband that simply says, “i love you more than i love schoobie” thank you ryan & welcome to the family…schoobie. If you have hardwood floors & hate mopping, I highly recommend it.

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