Scootin’ to the “Left Coast”

I’ve been sitting here for almost an hour surfing trying to get “inspired” to write about our latest big news. it’s not happening, but yet i feel obligated to say SOMETHING, what with ryan’s twitter posts in the mix & all.

So, for those who have not been updated on the play by plays of ryan’s job status the past month….we’re moving to Bellingham Washington! …soon. Like…next week(ish?). could be a long story, but i’ll give you the “guy’s” version (guy being “stereotypical male conversation style”):

Ryan got a job with Logos. We think it’s a great job with a great company in a great town….so we/he accepted & off we go!

To give you a ‘feel’ for the sort of place it’s rumored to be: Raw milk is legal. Quickly accessible to hiking and rock climbing. Bikes are apparently as common as cars on the road. = I’ll probably fit right in. ;)

We’ll really miss the friends we’ve made here, but we are looking forward to the latest chapter in “The Burns’ Great Adventure”.

4 thoughts on “Scootin’ to the “Left Coast”

  1. Yes, I was reading the twitter posts…wondering when you guys would say something more official! Wow! And, congrats! Right outside of Seattle and it sounds amazing. I would love to come out and stay with you guys at some point! Once I pay for an expensive plane ride and get there. :) Wish I could’ve made it to Orlando more than once.

  2. I simply do not accept this news… just got here!!!! We gave Emelyn her middle name based on your daughter for crying out loud!!! :-)

  3. wow…not sure how I missed OUR Grace being an impetus for Emelyn’s middle name! I just thought it was a happy coincedence. :)

    Grace will be honored to hear the news.

  4. Congratulations!!! Sounds like a great opportunity and adventure. I am a little sad because it feels like you will just be sooooo far away now! I guess I felt like I would eventually bump into you sometime when we visit Orlando, but now…it feels like it won’t happen. I do have family in Wash (seattle) so if Bellingham isn’t too far from there maybe we will meet up again after all sometime.