Self Awareness

Had another one of those, “wow i am weird” moments today as I was unloading groceries.  I went with a long list and was really hungry….always a bad idea.  I managed to come home with only 3 impulse buys:

Bag of chocolate chips (decided i’m going to make some sprouted wheat flour chocolate chip cookies…maybe this week)

container of chicken livers

container of beef livers

yeah.  liver on impulse. What lured me was how incredibly cheap it was & for organic/grassfed….hard to beat on nutrition & economy.

Don’t worry ryan when i bought it i thought, “these would be good for lunches this week”.  So, you’re off the hook.  As for the kids, the last time we had liver they seemed to like it well enough.  Perhaps i can brainwash them into thinking it’s a normal lunch food.

So…if you’re aware you’re “not quite right” that adds points to your “normal” side & thus equals things out, right?

One thought on “Self Awareness

  1. Okay, it seriously grosses me out every time you talk about liver. Sorry. :) By the way, my Nannie used to tell my brother it was steak…that’s how she tricked him into eating eat. I never figured out if they ever tricked me.