I haven’t told ya’ll about my first day as a seminarian yet. I kind of wanted to wait till after the second day (I am only taking one class that meets for 3hrs on thursdays), seeing as how all we covered the first day was the syllabus! However, that syllabus-covering lecture was some great preaching.

Though I don’t know exactly what the rest of the class will be like, I do know it’s not like a “normal” seminary class. Seems like it will be more like a really intensive Bible study…interactive, practical, spiritual. A great transition back into academia I think.

Honestly I can’t remember my initial thoughts (yes, i blogged about it in my head on the drive home last thursday), except that i was so excited & refreshed. As my friend Dana said, “You get to spend 3 hours with other adults & have adult conversations & learn cool stuff!”. Yes. That was really great. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I love my job, but boy is it nice to have time to talk to adults with my full focus & attention.

This week’s reading assignment was on the Transforming Power of the Gospel. A little nugget for you:

…we often reduce the gospel to “God’s plan of salvation” for lost people to be saved from sin’s penalty, not realizing that it is also “God’s plan of salvation” for Christians to be saved from sin’s power. The same gospel message that saves sinners also sanctifies saints.

& Lastly, during prayer before class started he prayed (jenn’s cliff’s notes),

help us not seek the grace of God, but the God of grace, nor the truth of God, but the God of truth…

That last bit extends across the spectrum….not the love of God, but the God of love….

Oh & a life-changing tidbit: I discovered that I don’t believe God loves me. & you don’t either. yeah, i was a little offended too. But it was true. I’ll write another post later on how he knew. ;)

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  1. Yay! I can’t wait to hear more about your class – sounds incredible! I may have to listen to it on my MP3 player, if it’s on the RTS website . . . Interested to hear more about your last line . . .