Seminary Update

First, the house. We have a soft offer on the house. Essentially there was a verbal offer made and we gave a verbal counter. We should know something on Monday if this will progress to a solid (official) offer.

Second, Jennifer and I registered for our spring classes. Below you’ll find our classes. The class name links will let you read the sylibus with all the work we’ll be doing and the Professor links will take you to a brief bio on the professor. It is REALLY exciting. I’m pretty jealous of Jennifer’s class… it is going to be amazing!


Monday 10-12
Educational Ministries of the Church – Rev. Charles R. DeGroat
Tuesday 6-9
Exposition HebrewsDr. Simon J. Kistemaker
Wednesday 8-12, 1-4
HermeneuticsDr. Scott R. Swain
Genesis thru JoshuaRev. Michael J. Glodo
Hebrew IIDr. Mark D. Futato


Thursday 9-12
Spiritual FormationDr. Steven L. Childers

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