Serving in the Church

Ok, so I’m on my lunch break and decided to surf the Redeemer website while enjoying my chicken-&-pea-mac-n-cheese leftovers. Of course, I’m surfing the site because it is kind of fun to think through what it would be like to move to New York and work with Dr. Keller.

So, while surfing, I ended up watching this video about serving in the church. I was really moved by what everyone had to say. It reminded me of the reasons that I enjoy serving the church… reasons that I needed to be reminded of.

If you are a Christian and attend a church (you would think that’s those are synonymous, but sadly they aren’t) then I encourage you to begin volunteering. If you happen to attend Harvest Renewal, I happen to know that they need lots of volunteers. Especially in the set up and break down departments. So, contact your church office today and tell them you’re ready to serve!

Oh, and Keller’s quote at the end was amazing!

“you should see what the benefits are (to serving) and yet at the same time realize that, I’m doing this because Christ served me… when I was his enemy he served me and changed my life. So, I want to turn around and serve other people regardless of whether it seems like I am getting a lot of benefits or not.”

Watch this:

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