Shoe on the Other Foot

Seems I’m getting a little taste of my own medicine if you will. One of the things I’ve LOVED about our new place is that it came fully stocked with a “new best friend” for both me & my kids, and they live about 10-15 paces from our front door. I joke, but really, Lindsey was one of those people with whom I immediately felt like, “ah…i can just be the biggest dork that I am and i think that’s ok”. Or in normal people-speak: Easy to talk to & fun hang with. Then the kids, well she’s got two boys that are very close in age to my kids (the older two are a year apart, but you wouldn’t know it to see them play together), and my kids LOVE her kids. Grace in particular seems very fond of Luke (the older one).

So imagine my turmoil when they announced they will be following a “dream” to move to Charleston South Carolina. How dare they! Don’t they know I am in a vulnerable needy state right now & it’s just not fair (you think I’m joking don’t you?)?

Seriously though, while I’m super sad they’re leaving, I am excited for their journey & the adventure they are about to embark together as a family. And the silver lining is that Charleston is not that far from my parents house, so when we visit Oma & Opa, we’ll see about sneaking in some time with the Pells. So I will try to take my own advice & remember that we are to treasure our relationships & love deeply without restraint but to hold them loosely in order that we might be free to “scatter” with the Gospel. And hey….since they blog I’ll be able to keep tabs pretty easy. :)

6 thoughts on “Shoe on the Other Foot

  1. Well, well, well. Now you know how it feels and maybe you’ll think twice before doing it again to your friends in Orlando!! You are simply reaping what you’ve sown Burns family. We must gather with Jamie and Heather at least three times a week to mourn our loss of you moving! :-)

  2. I’m holding back tears right now Jenn. As soon as we met, I felt we were kindred spirits too. I know it has only been a few months but we love you guys. We are going to miss the Burns fam, but like you said, as fellow bloggers and future pen pals, we won’t be losing the great relationship we have built with you guys. We love you Burns family! (Also, we will only be 15 minutes away from the beach WHEN you visit ;))

  3. We were just watching the Asher doctor update and Luke ran out of the room and yelled, “I’m going potty like Asher!”. Thought it was cute and thought you would too :)

  4. I’m glad you got to bond so quickly w/ someone…even though she is leaving. :( But, it’s hard to always make friends right away when you are in a new place. So, I’m glad you had that opportunity. And, you’ll still be FRIENDS. Just not neighbors.

  5. I am so sorry! As everyone and you have said, distance doesn’t change the friendship but . . . blah, blah, blah, is all you’re hearing, I’m sure (at least that’s how I was!). Hang in there – and, until they go, spend lots and lots of time together!

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