Sibling Education

This morning I managed to get Grace out of bed before she started talking & waking up Asher. So Asher slept a good 40minutes late today. Since Grace has already had breakfast, she’s playing on the floor next to his chair. Apparently the extra sleep was mentally refreshing once he woke up & started talking:

I was in the kitchen when Asher started talking to Grace:

A: Grace, do you remember why Jesus died?

G: No

A: To pay for our sins

G: Oh yeeeah.

A: That’s good that you remember that now

Pause in conversation to get more molasses bread & take cod liver oil

A: Grace, I want to tell you something

G: ok, I unicorn (yoo-ti-core)

A: Jesus is a Hero, and he defeats satan

G: oh

A: and God likes it when you pray to Him.

G: ok sasquatch (hat-auch)

Then Grace took off her pj’s (first time she’s done that) & hid them behind the curtains, thus changing the course of their conversation.

3 thoughts on “Sibling Education

  1. ahhhhhhhhhh that is so amazing that makes me SO EXCITED :)

    kids are crazy amazing (so is Jesus!) :)