Small Annoyances

I tend to have a high annoyance threshold. I think this is one of the biggest factors that has me well-suited for motherhood & homemaking. I can deal with constant small annoyances for long periods of time. In fact, much of my day is filled with them if I stop to really consider it. Perhaps it’s the fact that I don’t stop to consider them that makes it easy to not be bogged down by it. However, there are times when whether it’s hormones, weather, fatigue and (note and) just plain sin…i lose it over something small & stupid. Like…getting grace to swallow food she’s been chewing for 20 minutes. Or asher erasing important notes waiting to be transfered to the computer that I wrote on HIS magna doodle & had sitting unguarded on the office desk. Not cool.

Then there are other the never ending laundry affair. Or “I just cleaned up lunch so I can mess up the kitchen with dinner preparation, which I will clean up, then mess up again as I COOK dinner later, then clean after dinner, then mess up with breakfast prep…..” Again, generally, a non-issue. But on occasion….(pretty consistenly hormone-related) it brings me to tears.

Most recent small annoyance that’s not quite like the others: I bonked my pinky toe REALLY hard last thursday night on asher’s bed (on my way to drop clothes into his laundry basket). It was one of those things where in that instant i was convinced i broke it & was in so much pain i was laughing hysterically (this is a sure sign i’m hurt severely…uncontrollable laughter). Anyhow, after a few minutes the initial pain subsided & it never swelled or anything (swelled? is that right?) and it moves just fine. But…it still aches. Especially in shoes (thankfully I almost never wear shoes since…you know…i almost never leave the house). Not really bugging me yet, but I wonder if it will get to the point that I decide that I need a pinky toe sling. I figure in the time it would take for me to get fed up with it, it will have healed.

2 thoughts on “Small Annoyances

  1. I cried today because I couldn’t find any of my black shirts. I was late, hot and so damn frustrated. I’m supposed to be happy Mr. MK has taken over the laundry, too bad he doesn’t get that he’s supposed to clean them, not make them disappear.


  2. Maybe you can get some concrete mix and make a mini cast for your pinky toe…then in 6 weeks break it open with a hammer. Sorry I’m being ridiculous. Hope it feels better soon. :)