Snow Day

We had a lot of snow today. My friend lindsey agreed to switch off babysitting so we could each have some “childless christmas shopping”, so I snuck out early. However, I only went to one store before the heavens opened & i had to rush home. As it was, I did manage to skid through a red light (i promise i was not going faster than 20mph!)..thankfully it was not a crowded intersection & i did not cause any wrecks. I was thankful we still have not removed the florida tags on the van. Hope the people honking at me saw them.

I intended to use the “extra” time to do some chores & catch up on laundry before picking the kids up, but looking all that fresh snow & big fat flakes falling down…I figured we should take advantage of it before it got ugly (& it did get ugly). I think I lasted about 15-20min. before my toes threatened to leave my body (note to self: rain boots do not = snow boots). However, I realized that the kids could probably play w/o me in our new backyard. This was our first time ever being separated like this. Again, I intended to deal with that laundry…but as you can see….I did not. oh & yeah, sorry about it being almost 7min. long. I’m new at this.

Snowy Day 2008 from Ryan Burns on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. it was not too long for me! but I am om and like every min. of my grand kids :). that was great! and I enjoyed the inserted typing you put in, made it more interesting and fun! Love you guys! Wish I could be out there playing with them :(. We are having beautiful warm sunny weather here in Myrtle Beach :), in the 70′s.

  2. I had a lot of fun yesterday! If it hadn’t been for you, I probably would have been a horrible mother yesterday and told the boys that it was too cold to go outside. I’m planning on posting some snow pics today so stay tuned…

  3. Nice first video! If you kind husband would upgrade your iMovie, maybe you could add music. I must say though, I missed hearing the sounds of you and the kids. The narration and their voices were pretty cute. hopefully we’ll get some more this weekend. I want to play!