sore almost like never before

Now that the 10k is over (post about that coming soon) i didn’t have to run at the gym yesterday. So, I decided to take a class. I did a class called “solid weight training”. It’s Gold’s Gym’s….thing. I guess all Gold’s do it. Here’s how the website describes it,

A non-aerobic workout that utilizes barbells, dumbbells, and resistance bands to strengthen, tone, and define all muscles in the body like nothing else.

It’s an hour long class, & while it is not cardio, my heart-rate was definitely up the majority of the time. I’ve been wanting to try it since we joined, but figured I should spend my time on the treadmill getting ready for the race. So yesterday I jumped right in. As ryan pointed out last night, I probably could have done the class with NO weights & still gotten a good workout. However, I used weights (too much pride to wimp out in front of all those strangers!). I pretty much can’t walk today. I’m waddling around like a pregnant woman & have to do deep breathing to get up & down the stairs. I think the only muscle group that is NOT sore is my biceps. Asher even kissed my booty this morning after I squealed in pain trying to stand up from a squatting position (got down to hug him & couldn’t get back up, & my chest & arms are too sore to pull myself up)…..He asked what hurt & I said, “mostly my booty” & he said, “I’ll kiss it!” & i said, “no, that’s ok, you don’t need to kiss it” but as soon as I stood up & turned back to the sink (i was washing dishes), he got me.

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