Not sure if i’ve mentioned it already but my dad ‘suckered’ me into another 10k run. October 28th we’ll be running the 10k at the Marine Corps Marathon event in D.C. (yes, I said marine. The army one is the same weekend as my cousin’s wedding). I’m really looking forward to it, though this one has hills….mm….yuck. I don’t so much like running (though don’t hate it..& once in the ‘zone’ it is exhilarating), but I LOVE to compete…racing is just fun.

Anyhow, so i’ve started somewhat “training” for it, but I have slight knee issues, which my Dr. gave me some tips for, one of which was, “cycle instead of jog”. I hate cycling. Ok, I don’t HATE it, but I have NO willpower/motivation to keep me working to make it worth my while. On the treadmill I’ve got the ‘peer pressure’ motivation that people can clearly see if i’m walking or running (b/c i know they’re all watching me & thinking “tsk tsk…look at her wimping out”..lol). I know, lame, I have to have peer pressure to get a good workout, but it’s true. That’s why i LOVE the weight lifting class. Anyhow I’ve been wanting to try this “spinning” class at the gym for a few months now, but my schedule & theirs just never worked out thus far. Recently my mom’s group changed & now I can go on thursdays (instead of fridays). There’s a spinning class at the time I could get there, so this morning I was excited to give it a go.

I heard a rumor that you burn 700+ calories/hr spinning. I think this might be true. I also think I won’t be able to walk tomorrow. But I do think I’ve found a new class that I will attend on thursday mornings. So, if you ever have the opportunity to give it a try….you should. Just try it, you might “like” it (you know…as much as one can like exercise). But bring a towel…..there is lots of sweating involved.

Ok I need to go eat a 700 calorie lunch before I pass out. Mental note: big breakfast next thursday.

2 thoughts on “Spinning

  1. I can totally relate to the spinning class! Didn’t know you were a runner, too! Go girl!

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