Sprint wins again

Well, we’ve signed up for 2 more years with sprint. I must say, I love the power you have with your cell phone company when you tell them you are thinking about leaving. I told sprint I was looking at AT&T for the iPhone and Verizon because of family. Once they heard that I was transfered to the big dogs in “customer retention.”

After talking for a while I was able to score 500 free text a month on both lines, and free nights and weekends starting at 6 p.m. for both lines. I also got a new smart phone (moto q9c) for $100.

At the end of the day it works because we couldn’t afford to switch carriers anyway… after new phones, set up fees, etc… we’d end up losing in the long run (that and no one has a plan that is as good as ours and at the rate we get.)… so, 2 more years with sprint… Sorry Dev…

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