Sticky-note Trash

As a teenager putting the trash out was one of the household chores on the rotation between my sisters & I (or maybe just sister, I can’t remember if Christine ever had trash duty). If I failed to get the trash out before it was dark, I wouldn’t do it till morning b/c of being terrified to be outside alone in the dark. It’s not like I was putting it out at 2am or anything. Pretty much: 7:45pm with a bit of sun peeking over the horizon = safe. 8:04 in darkness = scared. Weird. Anyhow, seeing as how I almost never remembered to put it out in the early evening, it was almost always morning. HOWEVER, this often escaped my memory as well. I’d love to blame my current short term memory issues on child-bearing but it’s been a problem for as long as i can remember (which isn’t that long apparently).

So, I would paste sticky-notes all over the house before bed, or whenever i realized i missed my “safe” opportunity. “TRASH”. in the bathroom, in the kitchen, on the overhang to the stairs & on the front door. Unfortunately, even this did not always solve the problem of the ‘forgetting to put the trash to the curb’. Ugh. Fast-forward 19 years +/- : Trash is still not making it to the curb.

In Virginia, our trash cans didn’t have wheels so you had to actually CARRY it to the curb. Given my short stature & ‘often pregnantness’ while we lived there, trash duty fell to ryan for the most part (taking it to the curb anyway). Since moving here, we have a ‘normal’ rolling can & I have re-assumed the chore. Things I’ve learned:

1. Our trash pickup is 2x/week here. I have found however we can easily go 2.5 weeks before HAVING to remember to put it out. Apparently 90% of our trash is packaging & junk mail.

2. Recycling pickup is only once a week, pretty dumb seeing as how the recycling bins are ridiculously small. It is much more serious an error to forget to put out recycling each week.

3. I’m no longer scared to put out the trash in the dark due to ‘bad guys’. However, I am scared to put the trash out in the dark due to bugs.

4. The trash comes much earlier than recycling. Thankfully, since this morning when i heard the trash come, I ran out in my pj’s & put the recycling (which had been missed last week) out. Much more effective than sticky notes. Oh & don’t worry, I doubt the ‘show’ would cause anyone to stumble. pj’s = long (ugly) pants & whatever shirt i wore the day before (I know, poor ryan, constant ponytails & ugly pj’s. The excitement is never ending).

oh & I HAVE to remember to put the trash out on monday.

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