Stock, Fat, and Fried Chicken

It’s all loosely related & all happened within the past 24 hrs so it’s getting lumped into one post.

I know i talk about bone broth (or stock…whatever) all the time. But thought I should note my ‘recipe’ has evolved a bit since i last blogged it (i’m assuming i’ve blogged it before).

  • Bones reserved both from cooked chicken & raw de-boned chicken (i make it once a month, so however much i’ve accumulated in the freezer during that time).
  • Lots of water
  • Vinegar (i use apple cider, but that’s just ’cause i’m too lazy to go to the laundry room (5 feet away) to get the regular vinegar)
  • Veggie scraps (broth should be ‘free food’. therefore i don’t use meat-on chickens or whole veggies anymore)

1) Put bones (frozen or thawed….probably thawed is best but you know me…) in large pot, cover with water as full as you can w/o worry about overflow. Add 1/4 cup (or so) vinegar, swish. Let sit for 1 hr.
** the vinegar step is totally optional. The purpose is that it helps to leach the minerals out of the bones**
2) Bring to a boil, skim (if you happen to be nearby when it foams…ok, both using raw bones & not skimming can supposedly lead to ‘off’ tasting broth…perhaps my tastebuds are immature or something, but i’ve yet to notice anything), then turn down to simmer.
3) simmer 24hrs.
4) yep. 24 hrs. (getting all those minerals (including calcium) out of the bones)
5) oh, if you happen to remember (i don’t always), add the veggie scraps the last hour or 2 before it’s finished.
6) let it cool (if you so desire anyway), strain (i use my sieve to scoop out the large masses & then pour through it into various large bowls)
7) cover w/plastic wrap (or whatever), transfer to fridge.
8) next day, skim off fat, transfer stock to freezer containers of choice. I’m currently using rubbermaid disposable food containers (they’re re-usable & dishwasher safe…WAY better than ziplocs). I store in 2 & 4 cup containers.

ok so for the fat. Quick “tip” to stretch every ounce of ‘goodness’ from your whole chicken: If I’m cutting up a raw chicken (for say, fried chicken), I cut/peel/pull off the skin & any fat that i can get at & ‘render’ it while i’m working on the chicken. As in, i put it on a lipped cookie sheet (sometimes on a rack, sometimes not) & let it cook at anywhere from 200 to 300 for however long it takes to get all the fat liquidated. Then i reserve that for…oh…frying the chicken (is that horrendous? cooking it in it’s own fat?), or biscuits or something. I don’t get enough to use it as the only frying fat, but it cuts back on some of the coconut oil i need to use.  Leave me alone.  It makes me feel thrifty.

Next up, fried chicken. Don’t worry I’m not posting the whole recipe. I just wanted to note that I make this every other week or so (it’s on ryan’s list of “please make this so i can have amazing lunches for work” dinners)…for a long time i was making it with sprouted garbanzo bean flour (w/salt, pepper & Parmesan cheese). But i’ve gotten lazy. The past few times I’ve used unbleached white flour. Tonight i added the addition of kefir milk to the “wet dunking solution” (egg & kefir milk) & it was AWESOME (buttermilk or thinned yogurt will suffice). After the super bowl I’ll go back to the sprouted garbanzo’s…mostly b/c I’m curious if it will still taste good after tonight’s version. Even Ryan liked the garbanzo flour version. But perhaps it was an “ignorance is bliss” kinda deal. We shall see.

For what it’s worth tonight we had sprouted rice with the white flour breaded chicken. First time I’ve ever sprouted rice. Worked great & tasted awesome as usual.

7 thoughts on “Stock, Fat, and Fried Chicken

  1. Big shocker – I have a few questions/comments. 1) Interesting that cooking with the bones only qualifies as “free.” Also, why do veggie scraps versus whole veggies make a difference regarding “free food.” 2) Can’t believe you render the chicken fat! Talk about being frugal! you go girl! 3) Garbanzo bean flour – you make it yourself or buy it? I’m assuming you make it, but figured I would ask. How does it come out on the chicken in comparison? I know that is more like five questions/comments versus three, but I kinda stuck them altogether.

  2. i gotta say…i’m enjoying getting to “know” you, as i’m finding so many things that you write very familiar…like the fact that i “stole” my mother-in-law’s dehydrator a couple years ago, and that i use ACV for my stock for the very same reason (don’t want to run to the laundry room to get the white vinegar). :) this post is actually helpful for me to refine my stock-making skills, as i have only been doing it for about 6 months or so. thanks!

  3. Sounds like you have way too much fun :) And what is sprouted rice? Sorry may be a silly question but I’m lucky at times when it comes to cooking and having things cooked correctly. Ask mom I almost fed them undercooked bbq pork chops….LOL

  4. Jennifer, you are “my people”! If you want to save time sprouting, check out sprouted 100% whole grain flours being distributed by Shiloh Farms. I now use them for all my flour needs and swap them out one for one for other flour. It makes the most amazing muffins and to think the flour is digesting like a vegetable!

  5. Oh and I forgot to mention. There are sprouted 100% whole grain pretzels on the market now. Wegmans and Whole Foods are stocking them. Absolutely delicious.

  6. 1) you can cook it with the meat on & then after an hour take it out, let it cool, then pick the meat off, and then put the bones back in to cook the remainder of the 24hrs. i did that once upon a time, but uh…wow it was tedious & i don’t like the texture of boiled chicken.

    on the veggie scraps, you def. can (& some would say should for taste purposes) use whole veggies, but on the “free food” vein…you’re not going to EAT the veggies after cooking them in the stock, so i use scraps because they would otherwise be going into the garbage. hence, free food.

    2) yes, i’m crazy like that. :) if you want to sound ‘gourmet’ though, you can call it “schmaltz”

    3) yes, make it myself, i sprout the beans, deyhdrate them in the dehydrator i stole from my mom a couple years ago & then grind in my blender. can’t remember how it compares….probably a bit more crunchy (since the blender doesn’t do a PERFECT job..but i’m afraid to use my mill due to moisture content)…don’t think it tastes “beany” oddly enough. you CAN buy garbanzo bean flour though (not sprouted), but expensive.

  7. just regular rice that i’ve sprouted (soak 8-10 hrs, then drain, rinse & sit in a (lying sideways) jar with a ‘sprouting lid’ or covered w/cheesecloth & rubber band well drained, and rinsing/draining every few hours for 1-2, until it starts to sprout). i try to sprout (it’s actually germinating, not sprouting, since sprouts are really big & like a small plant…these only have tiny tails) grains & beans to increase the nutritional value. germinating/sprouting “unlocks” more vitamins & minerals & neutralizes most of the phytates (which are enzyme inhibitors, thus making grains & beans harder to digest). :) just more weirdo-health nut stuff.