Strange Urge and Asher’s First Date

Strange urge = I’ve been having this very strange urge to get a pilots license.

Asher’s first date = Going with mom this afternoon to see his first movie theater movie, wall-e.

Asher’s First Date

4 thoughts on “Strange Urge and Asher’s First Date

  1. I think it was technically our second date (lemon-aide stand date where he used his own money to buy me a drink being our first). this was a big step up though. ;) it was super fun & asher was really cute. We both enjoyed the movie thoroughly.

  2. ah, forgot to mention, during the movie (which he asked questions through incessantly, but at least whispered quietly,unlike the ADULT in front of us), he leaned over & kissed my arm & said, “you’re beautiful”, then leaned back & continued watching the movie. that kid is too much.

    also: pilot’s license. strange indeed.

  3. This is a great photograph of you too. But, what would I expect from Ryan Burns. Anyhow, I’m glad you two had fun on your date. Very sweet. :)

  4. that is so sweet!!

    I really enjoyed wall-e, too. The preview hadn’t really interested me, but my friend wanted to see it… I laughed a whole lot and what more can you ask for from a movie =)