success (in my opinion)

just to update, asher is doing great. only a couple minor accidents in the past few weeks. so he really is daytime bladder trained. sweet. no more rashes.

in other news, i have just under 6wks to my due date. beginning to get a little anxious. ready for that new little ball of human to stare at. in the meantime, my shirts seem to have shrunk. my belly keeps trying to poke out from under them. those clothing people who say you stay whatever size you were pre-pregnancy, so only buy one size of maternity clothes are liars. in the beginning i wore a small (x-small in some cases), in the middle a medium, and now (for shirts anyway..not pants) i will be needing large. same thing happened last time. whoever they measured to come up with the ‘one-size for the whole pregnancy’ theory must also be those freakish people who lose all the weight after a month. those people are not cool. though some of them are my friends, in that area…not cool. i was just happy to do it in under a year (just barely).

in other, other news…now that the potty training thing is not so intensely taking up all my mind and energy…time to start a new book. any suggestions?

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