Teeth and Books

1) Teeth

Went to the dentist today.  Always a bit scary, though not because I have a fear or dentists or anything remotely similar (I actually LIKE getting my teeth cleaned & I’ve yet to have a cavity).  We don’t have dental coverage, ha.  I had of course googled a bit (I felt it was a worthy reason to relax the lent rules) the other day and read in a bunch of places that pretty much if you have a chipped or broken tooth that hurts, it means either: Filling, cap, root canal, or pulling it.   Those all sound expensive.

However, I was happy to discover (or be reminded?) that I’m just an idiot.  My tooth is in fact, not chipped.  I apparently just don’t ever look at my teeth or know what they look like.  Yeah…not chipped.  The dark spot *might* be a very small cavity just barely starting to form, but nothing she seemed interested in (said to “keep an eye on it”).  Apparently I have sprained…something.  I’m saying I sprained my teeth but that’s not how she worded it.  Sprained some ligaments of some sort & bruised…something just below the enamel.  Anyhow, it should be fine in another week…much like a sprained ankle healing.   There’s a slight chance it could be cracked and they just can’t see it, but the cold sensitivity test she did seemed to indicate that there are no cracks.  WHEW.  A tad bit embarrassing, “where did you say it was cracked? These teeth all look perfectly intact to me…”.   Heh…

2) Books

Not sure if I ever mentioned it, but awhile back I posted about a book give-away MommyKnows was hosting and I won!  My first ever ‘blog give-away’ win.  :)  Anyhow, I recieved the book tonight, and can’t wait to get into it.  She’s giving away a book every tuesday, so check it out.  A darn funny woman that MommyKnows.  :)

Speaking of books, I’m still reading (though almost finished) “Full Moon Feast” and while I am still very much enjoying it, I thought I should update I won’t be buying it.  Just not something I think i’ll want to re-read or use as a resource on a regular enough basis to warrant buying it.  I did however make a tweaked version of her “Cream of Parsnip Soup” recipe tonight, and it was awesome.  Not exactly sure of the peanut-galleries thoughts (no one complained too loudly & everyone finished it….Ryan is not a fan of soup for dinner, but I think he would’ve liked it as an appetizer).  I feel compelled to note that I have a pretty high pain-threshold for “new-age weirdo spiritualist health nut jargon”.  If you’re ‘sensitive’ to these things you will probably not like it…but if you can either enjoy the language as ‘poetry’ or write it off as fluff and just glean from the “meat” of the message she’s writing in each chapter, it’s a very informative and encouraging book.  Personally, I’m weird enough to have enjoyed the paragraph about the lactating mother’s of the Tzutujil people in Guatemala passing around a newborn baby to nurse in ceremony so “he would never feel like a stranger in any compound in the village.”   However I realize 99.9% of The Daily Burns readers are not in that boat.  ;)    ….Ryan being one of them.   So consider yourself forewarned.

6 thoughts on “Teeth and Books

  1. your not an idiout, ok you thought it looked chiped but that is the way your tooth is sapose to look, just not obsrevent :) how is that? You still needed to have it looked at since it was hurting you to be sure there was nothing wrong with it so it was not a wast of time or money, but (like us) you do need to consider getting dental insurance. one of the drawbacks of retirment you have to find your own dental insurance. It is bothering me not going every 6 mon. for my checkup, it has been a year and a half! ahhh! ok got that out of my system for the time beeing :). Glade it is just a sprain of some sort and you shuld be back to pain freeness by next week.

  2. Happy to hear the dentist was pain free. I am not a fan … I metabolize Novocaine at an incredible speed, so I often have incredibly horrible pain or a dozen injections. Sometimes even both! AH! Did you know they use Novocaine in the epidural for C-sections. HORRIFYING!

    Thanks for the shout out. Sorry it took me so long to get the book to you. I’ve been in hibernation of sorts!

  3. I’ve done that before…”sprained my tooth”…actually, atleast 2 times that I can remember I swore I had a cavity, but the pain went away after about 7-10 days. Perhaps I was flossing too hard or something… Glad you’re ok!

  4. No need to Google next time, m’dear: just call your friendly neighborhood dental assistant. She’ll calm you right down. Also, you should call her anyway, and tell her what to bring for lunch this weekend. Glad the tooth solution is simple and undramatic (and free)!

  5. i feel like i have to give a disclaimer when i recommend “wild fermentation” too. i read it for the info…but i realize other people may be a bit offended by all the other stuff he puts in there. :)

  6. i’m sorry just seeing this comment! it got moderated for some reason. i totally forgot you work for a dentist. duh! i’ll keep that in mind next time. ;)