Asher Sings the Hebrew Alphabet

This evening, as we were sitting on the back porch, Asher and I began to sing some songs. He was doing so well with the Hebrew Alphabet song that I got my phone and let him take the lead.  So, for your listening pleasure, Asher (3 years old) singing the Hebrew Alphabet (with me singing and laughing back-up).  Click the play button above to listen to the goodness!

6 thoughts on “Asher Sings the Hebrew Alphabet

  1. Ry…that sounded really bad on our end….faster than the chipmunks. Couldn’t understand anything…. Try again…we really want to hear!!!

  2. Over…loud and clear!! Too Precious! Thanks for sharing. We give you both an A+!!
    Pop & Gigi

  3. Maybe you guys should take your singing act on the road!!! Good job Asher!!!:):):)
    Love, Nene