Thanks mom…

So, I was talking to my mom last night. She mentioned having talked to my sister who has a friend of a friend who has recently finished studying at RTS Orlando. Apparently my sister was talking to the first friend and mentioned that her brother (me) would be attending RTS Orlando next year. The said friend’s response was, “oh, that’s one of the hardest seminary in the united states… there’s no way you can go to school there and work.”

Uhhh… So, that’s great. I was already nervous about the school and work… but that certainly didn’t help much.

On the upside, I do have a job that provides a lot of flexibility and pays well… So, that should help. Honestly, I’m not toooo worried about it. God willing, we’ll sell the house for a good return and, worst case, draw off the equity when needed.

As for an update on the seminary journey:

  • I’ve been “officially” accepted into the M.Div program and have been cleared to register for classes.
  • The house is still on the market… no action at all
  • Jenn is in the process of applying to RTS as a special student and will be able to take classes without declaring which program she wants to enroll into. (Have I ever mentioned that she gets to get a degree for FREE!
  • We’re selling the van to get rid of that monthly expense
  • We might have housing near my brother in Orlando at a price we can afford (VERY exciting!)

I’m really looking forward to getting down to Orlando. I’m sure it won’t be easy, but I think it is going to be a great experience for all of us as a family…

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