Thanksgiving nap

we ate. ooh my word. it was awesome. at some point late morning there was a passing of the baton & ryan took over without me noticing. he’s tricky like that. he even took over the camera (that’s good for you guys though). i wandered in & out of the kitchen to finish toppings & make sure my rolls were still happy, but ryan did the timing on most of the stuff. Nothing failed. :) The rolls…tasted like they needed salt (though i was the only one to complain), ryan thought the stuffing (ahem, dressing) tasted almost too salty (almost), but i thought it was perfect. I have to say it was the most successful meal I’ve ever made (with some su chef help at the end. I’m glad, organization & timing are my weakest links). Even the kids….neither of us once had to say, “eat your ___”. Grace won the piggy award (well…ryan & i battled for a close second), and scarfed her heaping plate, asher’s unfinished seconds & asked for more. We told her she could have more at dinner…by that point it was all ryan & i could do to get them down for naps before we succumbed ourselves. I just woke up…think i hear asher puttering around in the office, i’ll go get him after i finish here. I can’t remember the last time i slept that hard during the day. And it wasn’t the tryptophan. According to a show i saw on food network that only works when all you eat is turkey w/no carbs. it was just the food overload, heavy on the carbs & some amazing wine (thanks Oma & Opa).

It was sad not to be sharing the day & food (good lord, someone please come over this weekend to help with leftovers!) with friends & family. However, it was (thus far) a super relaxing, fun & sweet Thanksgiving. Asher & Grace decorated not only the table (pictures later), but carefully placed toys throughout the living room declaring that they had “decorated”. We also had a sweet “What are you Thankful for” circle time before lunch. I’m super thankful for my super sweet family here. It’s been great hanging out all together.

Other than the fact that I look like i’m about 5months pregnant (really, not exaggerating), I’m feeling good.  :)

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