That Time of Year

ugh…Grace officially has a cold.  Cough, congestion, crazy snotty nose.  The works.  I’m so not up for another round trying to force “healing” foods into small unwilling children (even mildly willing ones like Grace…she’s apparently ‘done’ with tea & garlic too).  Since there’s not really any cold medicine sold for 2 year olds anymore (yeah, that’s how Ii’m feeling.  I just want to give her cold medicine & hide the symptoms even though i know it’s best to “let it flow” when she’s awake to help her get over it quicker), I think i’m going to go the homeopathic route this time (will make a store run after breakfast).  Though it might be too late.  Should’ve started it yesterday when it was just an inkling she might be coming down with something.

It’s not a big deal in the slightest, it’s just irritating.  i think i do better with fevers….at least then they’re docile & lethargic.  They get the rest they need.  colds just make them grumpy, but still want to play and be active.  But we can’t go anywhere because there’s snot flowing…

I’ve gotten really good at whining lately.  Ok, that’s enough. Snap out of it woman!

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