The best pot roast ever

I love food. Probably too much, but that is another topic altogether.

Pretty much my entire life as far as I can remember, I have not liked Pot Roast. I have a ‘thing’ where i REALLY don’t like meat that is even remotely dry. I’m not a big fan of white meat chicken. Basically it has to be fried & greasy for me to like it. So pot roast has always been the beef equivalent to ‘white meat’ for me. Even when everyone else raved about the amazingness of pot-roast….i ate it to be nice.

Enter Mrs. Greene (well, her mom’s advice via Erin I think) & Emeril. For the past year I have not cooked a pot roast I didn’t like. I usually go back for seconds now.

Here’s the “secret”:

  1. Make sure you really do ‘sear’ it before putting in the crockpot.
  2. Salt & pepper both sides
  3. Cut little slits all over the top & “stuff” it with freshly sliced garlic (this is from Emeril)
  4. Put in the crock pot & cook for 7-10hrs on low. NO LIQUID!! Do NOT add ANY liquid OR vegetables! (this is from Erin) This is the step that blows my mind. ALL recipes I’ve ever used had at least some liquid. But apparently extra liquid & vegetables draw the moisture OUT of the meat, oddly enough.

That’s it. Easy as pie (actually MUCH easier, if you’ve ever made pie…). It’s amazing. Life changing even. ;) And if there’s leftovers? That gets shredded & covered with bbq sauce for sandwiches…mmm….I should go make breakfast now.

3 thoughts on “The best pot roast ever

  1. hmmm! even after about 40 years of cooking I am still learning stuff. Don’t put liquids or vegies in with pot roast, I bet they came across that by acident. Someone forgot to add it and found out it was better : ). Will have to try it. And yes we have only been maried 34 1/2 years but I was making meals for Grandmom and Grandpop in high school, since Grandmom worked she would call me and ask me to get someting out that I felt like making. You all were spoiled! : )

    love you

  2. Yum. That’s funny –every pot roast I have tried turns out awful– like Christmas vacation awful. I’m going to try it — maybe I too can make a good roast! :)

  3. Yes! I made this discovery a few months ago…always wondered why pot roasts were so dry even though I’d always follow the recipe or add more water (thinking that would help)…then I found a recipe without veggies and decided to try it and make mashed potatoes instead. It was SO juicy and SO yummy!! I didn’t realize why until I read your blog…now I know it was those silly veggies! :o)