The Big 4 – oh..Just 4

Asher and Grace are still sleeping, but I think I hear some stirring so I’ll make this short…actually it might be long but I’m going to cut & paste so it will be short for me. Asher turns 4 today. I can’t believe how much has happened in 4 years and the fact that it’s ALREADY BEEN 4 YEARS…i’m sure i’ll say that at every child’s birthday every year. I imagine my parents will be saying it in a few weeks when their middle child turns 30. :)

Back when ryan & i had separate blogs, I wrote a lil’ something about 2 of my favorite memories. Gonna cut & paste the second one here:

I had asher on a Wednesday and we came home that Friday. Not too long after we got home my mom came to stay for a week (and ryan’s mom came for a few days as well), which was great b/c we were both kind of thinking, “who decided that we’re fit to be alone with this little human??” (well, at least I was). I couldn’t even change the kid’s diaper for the first few days (I was afraid to touch the sore little….well, the circumcision was a little more traumatic for me than I expected). So it was nice to have an experienced person around. After that week was over my mom went home. I feel sort of choked up even thinking about it. I remember crying really hard as she drove away, slightly scared, slightly excited. For the fist time I was alone with my baby (ryan had gone back to work). After I got over the shell shock, I had a really lovely afternoon. I didn’t put him down for one of his naps (I was a schedule nazi in the beginning, which I will be again with #2, but I cheated every now and then) and just ‘spoiled’ him (and myself) by holding him the whole time, enjoying our first day alone together.

Before getting to preview this, the kids have woken up. Grace is having a hard time accepting that it’s ONLY Asher’s birthday…looks like this will be a good lesson in not being selfish today (for her anyway…). Asher is disappointed because he’s not bigger than he was when he “was 3″. I told him we’d look at pictures later today of when he first turned 3, so he can see that he is bigger than a year ago anyway. I keep meaning to start a growth chart & forgetting…

One thought on “The Big 4 – oh..Just 4

  1. That is funny. I too found myself waking up on my birthday just the day before thinking did I learn anything new over this past year, have I grown at all do I feel older. The only thing I could think of was how much I hate having to move myself, and that buying a house isn’t as fun as I thought :). Tell Asher I think he’s grown a lot from even this summer.