The Blog, A Job, and an Update

First, the blog. Well… we’ve finally settled into the new diggs and I’m pretty happy with the results. For those who watched some of the tweeks we’ve made this week, you’ll notice that I have removed the advertisements out of the posts. While I wasn’t too worried about them being intrusive, I did notice that some of the links went to theologically questionable site that I can’t say we at The Daily Burns can recommend to our readers… So, while the idea of making a few bucks off the ads was nice, it isn’t worth people thinking we are associated with the sites it was sending you to. Along those lines, I will miss the ad for “Pastor Ringtones.” What in the heck is a “Pastor Ringtone?”

Ok, second. Yeah, so the other day I was on the website of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. This is one of the most amazing churches in all of the United States. Their passion for the gospel, church planting, social justice, and so many other areas is truly amazing. The stuff they are doing there is really revolutionary. The senior pastor of the church is Tim Keller and he is on of the most amazing pastors alive today. Well, as I mentioned, I was on their site and I was looking for some sermons to listen to when I stumbled across this:

Executive Assistant to Senior Pastor
Redeemer is seeking a high-level Executive Assistant for our senior pastor, Tim Keller. The candidate will take a lead role in working with Tim and his part-time Executive Assistant. The ideal candidate will have a minimum 8-10 years of job-related experience, including significant administrative and/or personal assistant experience. Strong problem-solving and decision-making abilities, proven organizational skills, initiative and multi-tasking are essential. A minimum of a 4-year college degree is required. For more information and a detailed position description, please send a cover letter and resume to Helen Chen Baez

Now, I doubt I’d get the job or that it’d pay enough to support a family in New York, but hey… I’m going to apply just for the fun of it. Who knows… I might get the job. Which would be really freekin cool. To work, hands on, with Tim Keller. To see and be involved in all that Redeemer is doing in New York and around the world. That training and work environment would serve as some serious training for whatever the future may hold for me as a church planter. So, why not… we’ll see what happens.

Third, an update. Now, while I am applying for this job, we are still very much in the throws of getting ready for going to seminary. Jenn sent in her application the other day and I mailed off my deposit for the spring semester. (Exciting news is that I actually get to sign up for classes beginning November 1st). Now, we still have the one big hurdle left to jump in Richmond, namely selling our house. We had a showing yesterday, which is a pleasant change. Not sure how it went, but hopefully our realtor will call and let us know.

So, I guess that’s all I know for now.

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