The Daily Burns Facelift

Ok… I know, the last design was annoying… I could explain why it was there, but that’d be boring.

Anyway, I FINALLY had the time to change themes for the blog and while this one isn’t perfect either, it is not too shabby. The coolest part is a new picture loads at the top every time you come back (or go to another page)… so, that is pretty cool.

A word of warning however. If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) to view this site, then it doesn’t look as good as it should. The problem is that IE is stupid. I’d love to explain the million and one reasons why it is… but just trust me (or go listen to these guys).

Now, typically, as a web developer I have to make sure that everything I create looks perfect on all browsers, including IE. Sounds easy, but it isn’t… because IE is stupid! So, as my little stance against the man I refuse to fix my code or change my site to render better for IE. Instead, I encourage all you IE users to switch to a browser that will actually work the way it is supposed to. Try Firefox or Safari.

Alright, enough ranting… enjoy the new diggs.

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