The Daily Burns is Live!

Well, it took a couple days, but The Daily Burns is live.

What is The Daily Burns you ask… Well, it is the marriage of two blogs; thetwocentcrockpot by Ryan Burns and Racooney Where Are You by Jennifer Burns. I got the idea after reading some of Erin’s posts on cultivatethesoul. I was thinking, “wow, that is cool… a husband and wife writing on the same blog.” So with that, and the fact that I was really getting tired of bloggers limitations, I talked with Jenn and we decided to go for it.

Now, here we are…

Last night Jennifer and I stayed up late importing all the posts from our seperate blogs, tagging them, and sprucing up the blog. It still has some bells and whistles we want to add, but for all intensive purposes we’re open for visitors. So, link away and tell your friends.

If you’d like to get us a blogwarming gift (like a housewarming gift… get it) the best gift is a comment. Let us know you’re here.

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