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Ok, so this is a pretty pointless post, but one that has been in my head for a while. If you’ve ever wondered, “what websites does Ryan visit on a regular basis?” … well, then you probably have a serious problem and need some professional help. However, if you are like me, you love to find a new cool site that you never knew about before. So, with that in mind, here are the sites I frequent (After you waste 23 minutes of you life visiting them all, drop a comment and let us know your daily visits):

the weather – Got to know.
woot – Never bought anything, but I love good deals.
steepandcheap – Just found this… great for the outdoorsperson.
craigslist – Jenn and I buy and sell here… Craig kills Ebay!
the folks in my blogroll –>
dealcatcher – Again, I love good deals
facebook – uhhhhh, yup
apple – Down with microsoft!

Almost Daily:
MetroDad – Good blogger.
mvelopes – Budget anyone? anyone?
TotalRuckus – A man can dream, cant he?
stat counter – I know you’ve been lurking… now post a comment!
guru – Gotta get paid.

Check in once and a while:
Wine Library TV – This guy is nuts!
Desiring God – You could surf this site for years and never see it all
Acts 29 – Have you planted a church today?
resurgence – More church stuff.

Ok, so again, your turn to post… drop a comment and share your daily stops…

2 thoughts on “The daily web

  1. – register for recipes to be emailed to you, but the best is the “free” cookbooks they send you quarterly. Recipes for things you can make with the Kraft stuff you already have at home!!!!