the f-bomb

Yeah, so today, I came as close to dropping the f-bomb as I have ever come in about 7 years. It was sometime after I hit a water line in our downstairs bathroom and sometime before I finally located the valve to shut the water off. Running frantically through the house I had to consiously think about not saying the f-bomb knowing my little son was somewhere in the house. I am sure he did, however, hear some other choice words.

Let’s just say today has been a challenge. All I can assume is that the Apostle Paul must have been a home owner who had a basement bathroom like mine… surely, this is the thorn in the flesh that is so commonly debated. For me, it just makes sense.

Anyway, I’ve been to lowes 3 times, home depot once, target once, and spent close to 6 hours in the smallest room in my house… and it still isn’t finished. Maybe this is why I have put off finishing this bathroom for over a year.

Anyway, Jenn has finished putting together the towel rack and it is time for me to add this final piece. So, fare well my friends, I am heading back in… you might want to put your fingers in your ears for this one.

2 thoughts on “the f-bomb

  1. i admire your restraint. several days ago, i did drop the f-bomb. i was in toliara and set to travel across st. augustin bay to anakao when i broke my toe in half. i was wearing my keens with the toe guard but the small toe was left vulnerable and is now quite crooked. we set sail despite the toe and it was in anakao that i tripped over a zebu skull on the beach, catching the toe once again. it may have been the f-bomb again. exrays confirmed the trouble. but i say, whats so bad about yelling ‘fudge’?

  2. that is the most hilarous thing i’ve read in least you restrained yourself.-monica