The Hair Saga Continues

Ok, so I know (or at least i think) I said before that I ‘give up’ on natural hair care. In fact, I even went to a regular old “non-natural shampoo/conditioner” a couple months ago. I was just tired of the limpness. I do admit that when I switched (went with “fructise” or however that’s spelled), my hair was soooo soft & light & fluffy….sigh. Anyhow, I’ve been drawn back “to the light” for yet another experiment. First, I realized that my previous ‘au naturel’ trials were done in error (baking soda: i used WAY too much, vinegar: WAY WAY WAY too much…i didn’t realize it needed to be diluted or how MUCH it apparently needs to be diluted, good lord!)…um. ok, there’s only a first. That was enough to..oh wait, there is a second: Second: I won a $20 gift certificate to bubble and bee organics, from Dr. Dolly (friend of a friend…I sometimes forget that she’s not technically my friend). I mostly wanted to try the lotion bars, but i admit, i’ve been wanting to trial soap or baking soda haircare again since I discovered my folly. In fact, I decided that once i get it cut this summer or fall i’d try again (I’m growing it out to donate to wigs for kids…i needed incentive to not get regular haircuts to save money). The damaged hair problem is much more noticeable with long hair.

But rumor has it, the damage (& smell) was due to my over-use of ‘product’ (product being baking soda and vinegar). So, I went for a set package/combo of lemon shampoo, chai guy lotion bar (and they surprised me with a rootbeer lip balm which is smooth & smells delicious). It came in today. :) The shampoo smells delicious too.

Ok cut to the point woman: I’m going to trial this for 1 month (4 weeks) and then report back to you. 4 weeks because I do realize there’s a ‘detox’ period and i want to leave plenty of time for that to play out before I give my two cents. I even ran out to Great Clips tonight and got my hair trimmed (probably not noticeable except she straightened out my bangs that I trim myself…heh..), so starting ‘fresh…ish’ in the split ends department.

5 thoughts on “The Hair Saga Continues

  1. Ack! I’ve tried natural a few times too, and they always cost tons and leave my hair a BIG frizz ball.

    I tagged you in my very own Meme (sorry :()

  2. Natural hair treatments… ;)

    Have you ever done the olive oil and egg conditioner? Or tried rinsing your hair with black tea bags to die it?
    Haha, don’t go to heavy on the olive oil. Bad move. And good luck washing all the tea leaves down the drain. ;)

    My mom and sister are in Seattle now!

  3. I’ve been saving up all my comments for you. :) my hair hasn’t quite recovered since doing the bs/acv thing almost 3 years ago now. and our water here is very hard, so none of the “natural” shampoos work. i’m using aubrey now, but it’s not quite cutting it with the hard water.

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  5. On the enclosed instructions there was mention that hard water will make it not work great. Their suggestion was to either try doing a baking soda scrub after shampoo (& before vinegar rinse) or go to home depot & buy a filtered shower-head thingy that makes hard water soft. :)