The Plague… Act II

As the previous post indicates, I had a late night. Only, it got worse. After staying up until 1 a.m. working I finally went to bed. I was unable to sleep and at 2 a.m. I heard my daughter throwing up…

So, I spent the better half of the night with her.

This morning, Jenn “feels like the worst hang over she’s ever had.” …and I’m sure she’s had some bad ones. She aches all over and was hurting so bad she didn’t get much sleep last night… compounded by listening to her baby girl throw up in the other room.

So, I fed grace some pedialite this morning and was a little to eager with the quantity… so, 10 minutes later it was on my lap. So, we tried again, only smaller amounts and spaced out a bit more.

Now it is time to go get Asher up and run my car over to the dealership for some service stuff. I’m looking forward to normal… as I am sure everyone else in the house is too… please continue to pray. Thanks.

One thought on “The Plague… Act II

  1. Goodness, that’s horrible. I’m so sorry. =( I am praying for quick recoveries.

    Also want to add that I did hear what you were saying, as well–though it did take conscious effort on my part not to just watch your son the whole time. I’m reading through F. Lagard Smith’s Narrated Bible in Chronological Order and will soon get to the “Laws of Moses”… and I’m sure your comments on seeing God’s grace in it all and noticing how it all points to Christ will be in the forefront of my mind as I read. So I look forward to that and thank you for sharing your insights.