The Potty Mermaid

So as I mentioned last week, this past monday was “d-day” for our second round of potty training Grace. She still had a good grip on the process and only had one “#2″ accident (i use “accident” loosely here) this week. On the other end of the spectrum, monday seemed sort of pointless, other than testing my mettle. Tuesday was hit or miss, and I don’t think any of the “hits” were instigated by her. I grit my teeth preparing for a long road ahead. But we’re not giving up this time, no sir-ee. If she can grasp #2, I’m sure she can figure out the latter. I’d like to stop here & thank you all for your prayers. I never felt the anger/frustration that has crept up in the past. In fact on tuesday evening I had a moment of light where I decided when she had accidents I would work to show neither disapproval or encouragement. Just clean it up as quick as possible and change the subject just as fast. Grace seems to be drawn to any kind of attention whether good or bad, so I decided to try to eliminate the bad. It totally changed the tone of our experience.

Then Wednesday morning we had a “breakthrough moment”. I saw the lightbulb click. Tuesday night we opened a belated christmas package from Ryan’s sister. In it, Grace had received two girly puppets. Once princess and one mermaid. She loves them. So wednesday morning “we” had an accident around 9am. A little later we were playing with the puppets and I was thinking it was time for a potty run. So “the mermaid” said, “Grace, I need to go potty. Can you show me how?”. She was MORE than happy to do so. The mermaid was a little scared, so she “needed” Grace to go first. The mermaid was VERY impressed and proud of Grace. Then Grace got to get down & taught the mermaid. It was all very exciting.

We haven’t had an accident since & twice she’s told me she had to go. I’m not generally a fan of “puppet parenting” (it’s actually a thing…that kids apparently listen to puppets more than their parents, so you can use them to talk through things & get them to eat their veggies…). I mean, i want my kids to talk to ME..and i’ll leave my opinions on that matter there….however when it comes to potty training I’ll do *almost* anything to make the process smoother…and successful. I’m not expecting we’re totally free & clear yet, but it does appear Ms. Mermaid has come to the rescue.

So thanks again for those potty prayers. :)

2 thoughts on “The Potty Mermaid

  1. Praise God! That’s awesome! I love how God knew exactly what Grace needed for the lightbulb moment, sent the gifts so timely, and led you to direct the whole thing. He’s so amazing. :o) And I must tell you that it made me laugh when you mentioned the puppet parenting thing…we had just watched “What About Bob?” the other day (hadn’t seen it in years) and well…the psychologist in the movie did some puppet parenting. Didn’t work so well for him…but his kids were all GROWN! Scary. I actually yelled at the TV (which is rare for me) and said, “Would you just look at HER and talk to HER??!!” :o)

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