The Second Death

Just going through my bible-study journal this morning to update the online Hebrews bible study my friends & I have been neglecting the past month or two. I remember when I wrote this I intended to blog it, but never got around to it, so here ya go:

Notes on Commentary reading on Hebrews 5:7 . The commentary more or less explaining that Jesus was not freaking out about the physical pain of his upcoming ‘work’, but the pain of separation from God.

Just making a note how Jesus did die a terrible death physically on the cross, but the fact is it was not an uncommon form of execution. It was his “second death”, i.e. separation from the Father, the cup of wrath that He experienced Hell itself. This is the horror of His sacrifice and one I will never have to know. Even if my body were to be martyred, it would not compare to that second death. Lord, Thank-You for your amazing grace

regarding those who trust in Christ for their salvation:

Because of Christ’s atoning work and victory over death and the grave, we shall never know the weight of sin, the severity of the curse, the penalty of judgment or the meaning of eternal death and hell. — Kistemaker p.137

I remember from the seminary class I took, Dr. Childers (ok, maybe it was one of the books or articles we read…if I take the time to go look it up exactly this post will never be written) said the only time that Jesus did not speak to God as “father” (Mark 15:34 ) was the point at which we were able to begin to do so.

2 thoughts on “The Second Death

  1. Wow. I never realized that about Mark 15:34. Man… Thanks for the post… Looking forward to getting back into it! :o)

  2. Great post! It is interesting, the concept of the 2ND death. The Mark 15:34 info. is really interesting. I never realized that either. I love reading the Bible and seeing a verse you’ve read many times and seeing something new that you never saw before. Thx for sharing!