The Vinegar Lady

Previously I posted about how I use baking soda instead of shampoo & vinegar in lieu of conditioner. Just to update ya’ll: The claim that the vinegar smell evaporates is all lies. I walked around as the vinegar lady for weeks before I finally asked ryan & low & behold, yes, my hair smelled like vinegar even hours after washing. I appreciate ryan’s support of my weirdness in that he didn’t offer the information before I asked (I assume he must’ve thought I knew), but wow. Sorry ryan. How attractive is that? “Wow, what perfume are you wearing? MMM…smells like pickles…”

So on the hunt for an affordable conditioner not filled with gross stuff. In the meantime, using gross stuff sparingly. I have heard that apple-cider vinegar leaves a pleasant smell but i’m now wary…..

One thought on “The Vinegar Lady

  1. i actually just picked up some apple cider vinegar to try, haha. i read online that it was the best to use for conditioner–maybe the smell is why? i’ll let you know how it works out.