The world inside my head

Inside my head there are primarily 2 worlds that have over time learned to co-exist peacefully. There is “dream world” & “crashing down reality” world. There are things I think about or desire that most would consider “dream world” (for example, my dream of a commune-like farm where most everything we eat is grown/raised) & then “crashing down reality world” (seriously jenn, you’re not a farmer & a commune….really?). Then “Actual Reality” usually lands somewhere in between (we currently buy many foodstuffs from actual farms), and I’m not bothered either way it ends up, since I’ve already come up with extremes of either scenario & feel prepared. Another good example: Ryan says he will be home in 5 minutes. Dream World: He comes home in 3 minutes Crashing down reality world: He comes home in 2-3 hours Actual Reality: He comes home in 45min. & as far as I’m concerned, right on time.

So the latest “dream vs. reality” battle raging, that I’m pretty excited about:

During our Orlando visit this past weekend we discovered that when one spouse attends RTS full time, the other can go for FREE. Not audit folks, but do for real classes (& work) & get a for real degree. Crazyness. So: Dream World: “me too, me too! We will find a way” Crashing Down reality world: “Even ryan won’t be able to finish & we’ll leave orlando with our tails between our legs”. No idea what Actual Reality world will provide, but I am prepared for all of the above & would be ecstatic with anything in between.

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