“These are a few of my favorite things..”

It seems strange to me how I can so clearly remember some events from my life, and others that may not have happened that long ago, are very blurred. Today I was thinking about two ‘days’, that rate pretty high on my list of favorite days of all time…

The first is one of those not so distant memories that is for some reason, fuzzy. How can a favorite day be fuzzy you ask? I don’t know. I think that this “day” was actually more of a week. It was when ryan and I moved up to Richmond, about 2 ½ yrs ago. The whole process was so fun and exhilarating. Possibly because I had been living in a small town that I didn’t hate, but didn’t like TOO much for 6 years, which is the longest I’d lived anywhere, ever. So to finally be moving again was a great adventure. It was also the first time we’d been off totally on our own, going to a new place where we really didn’t know anyone (ok, we knew Pastor Doug, but for some reason he doesn’t count…sorry Pastor Doug). Us against the world or something like that. That whole first week felt very romantic. Neither of us had jobs at the time, and we wanted to take the first week to settle in before looking for jobs, so we drove around Richmond getting to know the city, went rock climbing a good bit, and decorated our apartment. Since we didn’t know anyone we just hung out together. It was sort of like a second honeymoon. He’s the best to be on adventures with.

The second day, is actually a day. I had asher on a Wednesday and we came home that Friday. Not too long after we got home my mom came to stay for a week (and ryan’s mom came for a few days as well), which was great b/c we were both kind of thinking, “who decided that we’re fit to be alone with this little human??” (well, at least I was). I couldn’t even change the kid’s diaper for the first few days (I was afraid to touch the sore little….well, the circumcision was a little more traumatic for me than I expected). So it was nice to have an experienced person around. After that week was over my mom went home. I feel sort of choked up even thinking about it. I remember crying really hard as she drove away, slightly scared, slightly excited. For the fist time I was alone with my baby (ryan had gone back to work). After I got over the shell shock, I had a really lovely afternoon. I didn’t put him down for one of his naps (I was a schedule nazi in the beginning, which I will be again with #2, but I cheated every now and then) and just ‘spoiled’ him (and myself) by holding him the whole time, enjoying our first day alone together.

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