Thinkin’ others’ thoughts

I promise i am getting to the “what i learned on my lent vacation” and “how i feel about the bubbleandbee shampoo” posts. As with most peripheral hobbies of mine, when i have the time for them, i often don’t have the brain power or energy to persue them. But persue them I do, just at a snail’s pace. ;)

In the meantime I just read this and it’s something I’ve been purposing more and more lately to remember (reading “stepping heavenward” has helped keep it in view, and to plug it yet again, i promise it’s a really fun read!!). Of course some days/moments it’s easier than others.

anyway, pretty sure it’s quoting a quote, but all i’m gonna give you is the blog where the rest of the goodies can be found (back to that lack of brain power or energy): Radical Womanhood

Years ago when I was going through something really tough as a mom, I had an older woman in my life who kept saying to me, “You know this is for you.” When I was dealing with kids being cranky or not sleeping or not eating or, you know, destroying my house or not being able to keep up with the laundry or feed them or just the myriad things that go along with mothering, she would always remind me, “You know this is not just about your children. This is for you.”
I did not appreciate that statement back then; I really didn’t. But you know what? I understand it now because motherhood is the greatest tool I know for God to shape me and mold me and chisel me for eternity.

2 thoughts on “Thinkin’ others’ thoughts

  1. have you read the book Sacred Parenting? That is the premise of the book. good stuff. and i just have to say that your kids are so cute! i love the pictures. :)