Those deep toddler questions

I try to be sensitive to impromptu moments to talk to Asher about the Gospel. Often those conversations are anything but profound & i’m left wondering if I’m just confusing him and/or if he can understand in the slightest.

This past weekend gave me a glimpse that perhaps it’s worth the effort after all.

We were at my grandparents house, who are Catholic. The room asher was sleeping in had a pretty good-sized crucifix on the wall. When I went in to get Asher & Grace in the morning I laid down on the bed beside Asher for a bit. This had us looking directly at the crucifix. Here’s the transcript:

“momma, is that Jesus on the cross?”

“Yes, asher it is…you’re a smart boy”

“momma….what’s he fixing?”

“well…he’s fixing our hearts”

“oh yeah…our hearts….what else?”

Then Grace started squealing in objection to having been left in the playpen during this conversation & we never got back to it.

2 thoughts on “Those deep toddler questions

  1. i’m always suprised at how far asher is in his questions. :) its so weird cause sometimes i think, “should he be thinking about these things? does he comprehend what hes asking?” its crazy the way God made children!