Thoughts & happenings

1)  Halloween

What i liked about trunk-or-treating:  The kids found the trunk-or-treat as boring as we did, so we spent most of the time inside playing games.  With the games they “won” small toys vs. candy.  This means they each took home just a small handful of candy.  Score.  (I’m so mean).

What i did not like:  the actual trick-or-treat part = snore.  & it was all insanely crowded.

It was an interesting behavioral/personality study.  Both children were clearly overwhelmed & “overstimulated”.  Asher’s reaction: walking around wide-eyed & dazed.  Almost mummy-like.   Grace’s: cry about everything, anything & nothing.

2) The kids learned a new word today from the book asher chose during “reading time”:  Coprolite.   Asher was laughing so hard he cried & we never did finish the chapter (though we did revisit the “coprolite” page a few times).

3) I FINALLY finished reading The Way of Holiness by kenneth prior.  I am typically a pretty fast reader.  I have been known to finish books in one day, if they’re  ‘good’ enough (this has only happened once since parenthood & no I don’t remember what the book was).  However, this particular book was ASSIGNED reading for the seminary class I took last WINTER (you remember, the class I really should have audited..because..well…I JUST finished the SECOND book on the long list of assigned reading).  Not sure what my deal was.  It was an INCREDIBLE book.  Life-changing even.  I HIGHLY recommend it to all christians, it’s that good.  By good I mean the content is amazing.  I could blog about quotes from nearly every page.  The writing however, just made my brain hurt & I found myself reading sentences 20 times (literally) before understanding what it says.  The thing is, this book is not intended as a “smarty pants seminary book”.  This is “I want to help average joe christian” stuff.  I don’t know.  It ended up being my “I can’t sleep” book b/c invariably half to 1 page in I’d fall asleep and not because the message was boring.

However, I am stubborn if nothing else and I like being able to “check things off”.  So 10 months after starting, I finished the book (check).   The last push was a whopping 5 pages at once (which took 2hrs if that’s any indication of my struggle with the book) last week when I woke up at 2am not to return to bed until 5am for still unkown reasons.

Maybe one of these days I’ll sit down to blog some “wow, that’s cool” observations on the book….maybe.

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