To Do Lists

Ryan has made me a list person. It’s all his fault. In case you were wondering.

I’ve even gotten to the point where I have lots of random things flying around in my head & i feel overwhelmed & ‘stressed’ until I finally write them down & realize, “oh, that’s not too bad…” or at the very least, not PRESSING.

Part of the issue is the fact that all the little things that have to be done everyday (like housework & cooking), not to mention the joy of having fun with the kids (i can easily get ‘into’ housework & cooking & forget we should probably…oh I don’t know…PLAY sometimes??)…anything ‘extra’ wigs me out if it’s not in writing.  To the point that I ignore the voice that tells me i have a ‘mental list’ and watch tv or read during ‘free time’.   Sigh.  I’m a work in progress.

Today I finally typed up the current “extras” list:


  • iron patches onto mine & asher’s pants (asher currently owns 2 pair of pants w/o holes)
  • choose some dinners from fix freeze feast
  • plan april dinner calendar
  • re-do weekly schedule
  • plan breakfasts & lunches (? optional…i hate meal planning)
  • Go through craft book & choose activites/ add to calendar what days to do them (or i’ll never get around to it).
  • There ya go. Another nugget to file under “wow, Jenn is so super cool & hip”. I AM that 30-something minivan mom. Sigh.

    3 thoughts on “To Do Lists

    1. You are not alone . . . and our “to-do” lists look weirdly similar! No wonder I consider you such a dear friend – you’re as strange as me :-).

    2. @Dana
      nice! i admit i often think of you, my “female ryan” when i make these lists. ;) & in case anyone’s interested. so far i’ve checked off picking out 2 new recipes & making April’s menu, but that then created this list (if anyone has a source for already made chili & taco seasoning w/o garlic let me know & i will buy it, believe me!):

      make bulk batch chili powder
      make bulk batch taco seasoning
      enchilada sauce
      Roast & pick 2 chickens
      sprout pinto or black beans (bulk) – turn into refried beans & freeze
      sprout, dehydrate, mill wheat (bulk) – for big batch of cookies & burger buns

    3. There is nothing wrong with being a minivan mom…I take offense :) LOL. I don’t make lists so much for day to day things (I probably should at times), but I do make myself a list for things I’d like to accomplish in like say six months. For example paying off a credit card bill. It keeps me on track for achieving that goal and not being bad and splurging on things not NEEDED. Of course sometimes even with that depending on my hubby’s hourly salary and how many hours he made it is tight and I’m not always able to achieve things when I wanted. But we are trying to be better about our spending and really look at what we buy. Of course going and buying more organic, natural foods and stuff really hits us hard. But we are there again trying our best to get ourselves in better condition. We are both smoke free (me about 8 months, and Keith about 3 months), and we are trying to lose weight to get to healthy weight. Keith of course all he had to do is eat more salad, and switched to diet soda (for when he wants one) and has lost about 15 pounds already. Me I haven’t lost anything, but I refuse to give up. It’s been hard since I know I’ve even made it a point to put more energy than needed into doing things like putting on music and dancing while cleaning. Kat loves it she thinks its funny to see mommy dancing all over the place. Okay Now that I’ve written a book sorry.