Traffic School

I went to traffic school last night for my ticket. At the suggestion of ryan’s brother I went for a “comedy traffic school“. The idea is you have to sit through this 4 hour class, so why not make it a little fun….I was game.

It was not funny. At all. In fact, a number of times when the class snickered over what seemed like a “duh” kind of point, the instructor said, “you laugh but this is NOT funny!”. I kept thinking, “maybe it will get funny after we finish the drunk driving & speeding stuff” (cause yes, that’s probably not good to laugh at), but no. It never got funny.

Of course it probably didn’t help that the majority of my ‘classmates’ were quite unhappy about being there & wanted everyone else (particularly the instructor…like she had anything to do with their ticket!) to know it. There was a guy across the table from me that kept making annoying negative comments & after a few times of trying to “put a positive spin” on his complaints (dude, we HAVE to be here, can we just make the best of it?), i just started ignoring him…which was awkward since it was a small table.

Oh well. It’s done. Now all I have to do is remember to take my certificate to the clerk of court. Perhaps she was just having a bad night. It was humorous in the sense that it was definitely not at all funny…& that so many were so up in arms about it. It’s ‘funny’ the things we take too seriously.

Oh, & i did take away two pieces of brand-new (to me) driving knowledge:  1) At a 3 or 4 way stop sign intersection, after the first person goes, the order for each successive driver is to the right (regardless of who got there first).  I thought it was supposed to be in the order of arrival (which always leaves lots of room for confusion & hesitation).     2) You are running a red-light if your back tires do not cross the white line on the other side of the intersection before the light turns red.  So if you go through when it turns yellow as you’re approaching, odds are you’ve technically run that light.

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